Living with HIV

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Life after your HIV diagnosis: the one week milestone.

Two months into supporting someone who lives with HIV.

Being part of someone’s life, whether as a colleague, friend or a romantic partner means that their HIV-positive status is also a part of your reality. Depending on when the person’s status was shared with you, you might still be feeling overwhelmed. If you’ve known for two months now then it should be settling in and starting to feel like something you can support him/her through.

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Your eating while on ARV treatment

Treatment adherence and healthy eating go hand in hand. What we eat and drink contains ingredients and additives which cause a variety of chemical reactions inside us. Your ARVs are digested along with your food.

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How ARVs save lives

The treatment of HIV infection as a chronic manageable disease, instead of a fatal one, has become a reality thanks to ART treatment.

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