As the global pandemic continues, AllLife is committed to protecting the lives of its policyholders and our people.

Page updated on : 07/07/2020

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During these difficult times, we want to assure you that you and your family have the peace of mind of knowing your life cover will not be affected by COVID-19. It has, however, never been more important to continue to pay your premiums to keep your policy active and ensure that you are adequately covered. We are taking all the necessary measures to ensure that the ongoing operations of our business will continue to function as normal, including the ongoing collection of premiums, the payment of all claims and the servicing of your policy.

For our People

We are privileged, grateful and humbled to have so many incredible people that have helped us navigate and support our business and clients since the start of the pandemic. We are committed to providing a safe working environment for our people.

We continue to provide the following to our team members to improve our collective safety.


  • We provide learning and education to our team members, explaining the need for health protocols, and have done so since the start of the pandemic.
  • We follow government and WHO recommended guidelines for sanitising.
  • Social Distancing: We are fortunate to have ample space both in our Johannesburg and Durban offices to comfortably adhere to the required space needed for social distancing. A challenge for all of us has been letting go of old habits when engaging with each other that come so naturally.
  • Temperature Checks: Although no longer a government requirement these have and are still being done.
  • Not allowing people into the office that are not feeling well or showing any form of symptoms.
  • Providing masks.
  • Providing sanitiser at all entrances, bathrooms, and multiple points throughout our offices.
  • In addition to providing masks, we will also be providing “face visors” for those of us that would prefer to use them.
  • We have implemented a requirement for each of us to sanitise our own workstations every morning. Additional disinfectant will be made available in both offices to support this.
  • Our environments have been deep cleaned & sanitised and will continue to be deep cleaned every time someone in our environment tests positive.
  • Certificates of all the deep cleansing will be printed and displayed at reception areas for all to view and be available on our website.
  • We have made available work-from-home options as well as role freezes for members of our team that are not comfortable with coming to the office.

Certificates of Cleaning

Health Protocols advise for a deep sanitisation of the office workspace once a suspected case of COVID-19 has been identified. AllLife uses certified suppliers and provides copies of the certificates issues here.