Are there Positives to being HIV-Positive? 

Are there positives to being HIV-positive? That does sound like a weird question, at first. It’s not… if you are in my shoes. Trust me for a moment, let me explain why.

By Cindy Pivacic.

Being diagnosed with HIV

When I was first diagnosed, I assumed my time had a fixed expiry date of up to 10 years. A mere decade was the predicted time frame when diagnosed in 2004. The treatment was still in its infancy in South Africa hence the time crunch. My continued survival of almost 18 years proved this wrong. I, and many of my HIV-positive long-term surviving friends, prove this: longevity is possible if you manage your condition.

My list of HIV-Positive Positives:

  • Being HIV-positive makes me hyper-aware of my well-being.
  • Being HIV-positive has been instrumental in my lifestyle habits.
  • Being HIV-positive has ensured I never start smoking again.
  • Being HIV-positive, and a later Cancer diagnosis, empowered me to remove alcohol  from my life.
  • I regularly go for blood tests and other vital health examinations to ensure my thriving existence.
  • Because of my HIV status and family genetics, my immune system is prone to various health conditions. 
  • Being HIV-positive has compelled me to keep a regular exercise regime.  
  • Being HIV-positive, I have adjusted my food intake habits, eating more of a plant-based diet and cutting out red meat.
  • No matter what I undergo, with support, research and a positive outlook, I can live a productive, effective existence.
  • My HIV-positive diagnosis has allowed me to share, support and offer my experiences. I am proof: here is Life after Diagnosis.

Your choice 

It is your choice to make for how you will manage and thrive under your HIV diagnosis. This will make you receptive towards evaluating your current health and wellbeing.  A chronic condition can affect anyone. How you manage it is what makes the difference.

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I did!

Disclaimer: The information in this article is intended for educational purposes only. It is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure, and is not a substitute for professional consultation with a health professional.

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