Just Diagnosed

Know the truth about diabetes.

Diabetes is the eighth biggest killer in the world. With AllLife – you get more than a life policy, you get a team to help you stay healthy.

Getting tested for Diabetes

You’ve been living with Diabetes for two months

Two months ago your doctor, nurse or clinic sister shared details of your health which might have come as quite the surprise. It may be odd to process that already two whole months have gone by since your Diabetes diagnosis. It’s something that changes the way you see yourself, and the choices you make in life.

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Your first day of living with Diabetes

Whether you expected it or the news came out of nowhere, your diabetes diagnosis changed your life. If today’s your first day of living with this condition, it may just be the toughest of all.

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What is Diabetes?

Understand what diabetes mellitus is, what causes it and how your body is affected by this chronic condition.

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