Diabetes Terms and Conditions

Download this PDF to ensure you understand the Terms and Conditions of your life cover policy. 

Everything you need to know about Diabetes life insurance

Life insurance should not be hard to understand. We help, by breaking down all the details. AllLife have compiled a document explaining the terms and conditions for our Diabetes life insurance product. Download the PDF to ensure that you know what you’re covered for and that you have all the required information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does AllLife have a Diabetes Control Programme?

AllLife is committed to helping our clients live long and healthy lives. To this end, we have developed our Optimum Diabetes Control and Control Monitoring Policy. This programme allows us to provide unique and affordable life and disability insurance products to our Diabetic clients by encouraging regular monitoring and long term stability/improvement of their Diabetic control. We understand that managing Diabetes can be difficult and we are committed to walking this journey with you.

Who pays for my medical examinations and blood tests?

AllLife will be responsible for the costs of any medical tests and/or examinations required for the initial underwriting for the Policy, however, the Life Insured or the Policy Owner is responsible for the costs of all regular blood tests. AllLife is not responsible for any of the medical costs associated with Diabetic Control.

What happens if I miss a payment?

Making a payment is the responsibility of the Policy Owner, however AllLife’s normal practice is to inform you (via email, fax, letter or SMS) of the non-payment of a monthly mremium.

This Policy allows you to miss up to five consecutive monthly premiums. Where any monthly premium(s) has/have not been paid during the six month period immediately preceding a claim (or whatever period has elapsed since the Commencement Date, where this is less than six months), the benefit claimable will be in proportion to the number of monthly premium(s) received during this period as per the terms and conditions of this Policy.

We will attempt to collect the monthly premium payable under this Policy by debit order on the agreed debit day each month. Where this debit order is returned unpaid your benefit will be temporarily reduced as set out above. If you want to maintain full benefits under this Policy you may choose to make up this missed payment, as long as any such payments are made prior to any claim event.

What factors affect the cost of my life cover?

The most significant factor in determining the cost of cover is the health of the Life Insured and their commitment to controlling their Diabetes. Diabetic control, as outlined both in this document and during the application process, will have a significant effect on the cost of your cover.

In addition, a number of other factors, such as the Life Insured’s age, gender, overall health, and occupation may also affect the cost of your cover.

How do I pay my premiums?

AllLife will collect your monthly premium via a debit order lodged on your bank account. No cash payments will be accepted. Should you miss a payment, you can directly deposit or EFT the amount into AllLife’s bank account, listing your Policy number as reference. Please contact our call centre on 0861 255 543 should you require any assistance.

How are claims paid?

The beneficiary/ies, and/or cessionary/ies, or any other nominated person, such as the executor of the estate, needs to notify AllLife or The Insurer of the claim and submit full documentation. On admission of the claim, The Insurer will make payment to the nominated beneficiary/ies and/or cessionary/ies.

Can I increase my cover?

Yes. You are welcome to apply for additional cover. A new Policy will be issued, subject to the application being approved by AllLife and The Insurer.