Cas: Real People, Real Stories.

Cas, a hardy Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt and mixed martial arts instructor, inspires with a remarkable journey of triumph over adversity. Diagnosed with type one diabetes in 2013, Cas faced initial challenges marked by symptoms of dry mouth, tingling in his fingers, and extreme fatigue. Determined to confront his condition, he sought medical attention, only to learn that a life-altering change awaited him – injecting insulin four times a day and vigilantly monitoring his diet.

Amidst the mental strain, Cas found an outlet in martial arts, transitioning from a corporate career to becoming a full-time martial artist. His advice resonates as he highlights the impact of an active lifestyle on managing diabetes. Having battled major depression and a significant decline in kidney function, Cas faced a crucial crossroads. Cas found that intense exercise, structured dietary control, and careful sugar monitoring supported the lifestyle he planned. Managing diabetes means regular testing, and in 2024, after going for his routine tests, Cas was delighted to learn that his kidney function improved from 58% two years ago to 96%.

Cas, a loving father and husband, turned his life around, refusing to succumb to the prospect of dialysis. His story serves as a beacon of hope, urging others not to give up. Advocating for regular medical check-ups, exercise, and mindful sugar monitoring, Cas highlights the importance of small, consistent efforts in achieving a healthier life.

In the face of highs, lows, and daily injections, Cas’s resilience and positive spirit shine through, reminding us all to prioritise our health and persevere. Cas is to be commended for sharing his journey and inspiring others to face life’s challenges with courage and determination.

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