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Meet Ncobile, an inspiring individual who has turned her journey with HIV into an example of hope and empowerment. At 31 years old, Ncobile embraces life with positivity and determination, proving that a diagnosis is not a roadblock but a stepping stone to making a difference.

Ncobile’s journey began at the age of 17 in 2011 when she received the unexpected news of being HIV positive. Despite the initial shock, Ncobile’s background played a crucial role in shaping her perspective. Her mother’s involvement in the Khanyisa initiative, focused on educating about chronic diseases, paved the way for Ncobile to face her reality with strength and knowledge.

In the face of illness and uncertainty, Ncobile’s Christian faith played a significant role. She initially relied on boosters, hopeful that her health would miraculously improve. However, when reality set in, and her health deteriorated, she started her antiretroviral therapy (ART) journey in March 2012. The road was challenging, marked by the physical toll of medication and the emotional strain of missed opportunities, including a year of school.

Despite the hardships, Ncobile emerged stronger. In 2013, she returned to complete her matric, confronting the discrimination surrounding HIV by disclosing her status to friends. Ncobile’s openness about her journey is evidence to her commitment in raising awareness. She recognises the misconceptions surrounding HIV and strives to break down barriers, developing understanding and acceptance.

Ncobile’s story is one of triumph over adversity. With three children and an HIV-negative partner, she demonstrates that love and support can overcome fear and misunderstanding. Ncobile’s daily commitment to taking her medication reflects not only her commitment but also her gratitude for a life free of difficulties or side effects.

Through initiatives like IOHA where I received HIV education, confidence lessons, and ways to respect myself. Ncobile actively contributes to educating others about living positively with HIV. Her goal is clear: to help people understand, accept, and embrace their journey with HIV, building a community where everyone can live happily and positively. Ncobile is a living testament to the power of education, and advocacy in the face of life’s challenges.

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