Disability cover for people living with diabetes.

Optimum Disability Cover
– another world first for Diabetics.

AllLife also offers stand-alone disability cover, tailor-made for Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetics. We take pride in being the only company in South Africa that offers a stand-alone disability product to our clients. Our requirements are that you need to be aged between 18-59, total cholesterol under 8.5%, a BMI under 44 and lastly, HbA1c needs to be below 14% for non-smokers and below 12% for smokers.

Real cover in the event of death or disability
– no waiting period.

We understand that Diabetics struggle to access disability cover. When it is available it often carries extensive exclusions from key diabetic related issues. We at AllLife aim to offer real cover with broad acceptance terms, which pays out if you are permanently disabled due to accident or illness, including diabetes related cause such as strokes, blindness, etc. AllLife’s goal is to offer cover to as large a portion of the diabetic population, including many clients who cannot access real cover elsewhere.

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Disability Cover

Disability Cover

Life and Disability Cover

Disability & Life Cover

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