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Zandile is a passionate HIV and AIDS activist, whose journey is a testament to her power and purpose. Diagnosed with HIV at the tender age of 17, Zandile faced the daunting challenge of navigating adolescence while coming to terms with a life-altering reality. Undeterred, she refused to succumb to self-shame, a battle that often begins internally.

Fortunate to have unwavering support from family and friends, Zandile credits her close-knit circle for helping her confront both internal and external shame. Her story sheds light on the vulnerability that young individuals may face.

In a bold move, Zandile took to social media to disclose her HIV status, driven by a profound desire to enlighten people through conversation around HIV, particularly among the youth. Her focus remains steadfast on rewriting the narrative surrounding HIV and challenging stereotypes.

Zandile’s advocacy extends beyond disclosure, encompassing a commitment to empower people living with HIV to take control of their lives. She passionately champions access to treatment, information, and support for the often-neglected HIV-positive community. In the face of societal ignorance, she remains positive in the face of adversity, sharing personal experiences to encourage understanding and break down barriers.

As Zandile positions herself at the forefront of the fight against HIV, her vision includes advocating for responsibility within the HIV-positive community, especially in the wake of the overshadowing impact of COVID-19. She emphasises the importance of young people taking proactive measures, such as obtaining life cover, to ensure their well-being in unforeseen circumstances. Zandile is not just an advocate; she is a force, actively shaping a future where HIV  misconceptions are shattered, and those living with it are embraced with compassion and support.

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