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Wesley, a tenacious 46-year-old male residing in Johannesburg, Gauteng, has navigated a challenging journey with diabetes for the past eight years. His life transformed dramatically upon receiving the diagnosis, leading to a complete overhaul of his lifestyle. Despite initial difficulties adapting, Wesley triumphed over the hurdles with unwavering support from his family and friends.

His message promotes the importance of taking the diabetes journey step by step, emphasising the crucial role of a supportive community. Wesley acknowledges the fear associated with diagnosis and highlights the importance of seeking medical attention. Having faced the grim statistics of diabetes as the second leading cause of death in South Africa, Wesley prioritised securing his family’s future by taking out life cover seven years ago.

Wesley’s commitment to managing diabetes includes a disciplined approach. Dealing with type two diabetes, balancing his oral medication and insulin since 2023. Battling daily fatigue, Wesley maintains a restricted diet, focusing on low or no-sugar foods and reducing carbs. Despite these challenges, he incorporates cardio and soccer with his son into his exercise routine.

His proactive management involves regular blood sugar monitoring before each meal, three times a day. Wesley encourages those facing a diabetes diagnosis to stay strong, positive, and unafraid. His own experience demonstrates that with family support, a dedicated healthcare team, disciplined routines, and a positive mindset, diabetes can be successfully managed, allowing him to appreciate the dedication of family life with his wife and two children, aged 4 and 15.

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