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Tabitha, a radiant soul from Steelpoort in Limpopo province, is a 32-year-old single mother of three wonderful boys. Her journey, marked by confidence and self-love, unfolds through her passion for photo shooting and life modelling, where she joyously celebrates her beautiful plus-size physique.

Between nurturing her family and pursuing her professional endeavours, Tabitha finds pleasure in showcasing her curves. Dressing up, embracing makeup, and fearlessly donning shorts are not just personal choices for her; they are bold statements of self-love and acceptance. Tabitha’s journey resonates with a powerful message – every curve is a testament to the unique beauty each individual possesses.

Positivity emanates from Tabitha as she seeks to inspire women, especially those proudly embracing their curves. Her message is clear: self-love is the key to unlocking beauty within, irrespective of size or shape. With a heart as vast as her confidence, Tabitha stands firm, reminding everyone that societal norms should not dictate their worth.

Tabitha’s childhood was shaped by challenges, including asthma and the struggles of being a chubby child. However, her weight never became a barrier to her self-love. She confidently upholds that her curves are a beautiful creation.

Despite health challenges like asthma and low blood pressure, Tabitha remains resilient. Her job, which keeps her on her feet, becomes a natural form of exercise. While not a fan of the gym, she maintains a healthy diet and adapts to the nature of her work. Stress becomes an emotional tug-of-war with food, but Tabitha navigates it with a sense of humour.

Having faced body shaming throughout her life, Tabitha emerged stronger and more confident. Derogatory comments fuelled her determination to love her curves and be unapologetically herself. Her journey is a testament to the power of self-acceptance and the resilience that comes with embracing one’s unique beauty. Above all, Tabitha encourages others to be outspoken supporters for themselves, challenging societal norms and embracing the journey of self-love.

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