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Meet Maryke, a bubbly individual who has faced the challenges of life head-on with remarkable strength and determination. At 40 years old, Maryke’s journey took an unexpected turn in 2017 when severe headaches became her constant companion, leading to a reliance on pain medication. Despite facing scepticism from her doctor, Maryke’s persistence and the intervention of a pharmacist led to her admission into hospital.

The discovery of a flattened pituitary gland during MRI scans marked the beginning of a complex medical journey. Enduring misdiagnoses and incorrect medications, Maryke’s health continued to decline. A critical moment came in October 2017 when blackouts and memory loss prompted an emergency admission and, eventually, a life-changing surgical procedure.

Maryke faced the challenges of Empty Sella Syndrome, conditions that tested her physically and emotionally. The journey involved multiple hospital visits, shunt revisions, and the diagnosis of Fibromyalgia in July 2022, adding another layer to her daily struggles.

Yet, Maryke’s story goes beyond medical complexities; it’s a testament to her strength and determination to make a difference. Motivated by her own experiences, she strives to raise awareness about rare conditions, share the signs and symptoms, and provide support to those on a similar path.

Despite the physical and mental toll, Maryke stands as a beacon of hope for others grappling with chronic illnesses. She emphasises the importance of understanding the emotional well-being of patients and advocates for a support system that truly comprehends the challenges faced by those with rare conditions.

In the face of societal misunderstandings and judgments, Maryke remains steadfast in her mission to educate and support. Her advocacy extends beyond personal struggles, as she tackles the financial challenges that often accompany chronic illnesses, seeking solutions for life cover tailored to those with unique medical circumstances.

Maryke story is one of dedication, courage, and a relentless pursuit of making a positive impact in the lives of others facing similar battles. Through her journey, she hopes to create an understanding and supportive community for individuals living with a chronic illness.

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