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Lydia is an inspiring and courageous individual who has faced the challenges of stage 3 breast cancer with unwavering strength and positivity. Diagnosed in February 2022, she underwent a rigorous treatment journey, including eight sessions of chemotherapy and a mastectomy where four lymph nodes were removed, three of which tested positive for cancer. Despite the initial setbacks, Lydia received encouraging news from the pathologist post-mastectomy, indicating a clear status.

However, her journey took an unexpected turn during a follow-up mammogram six months later, revealing the recurrence of cancer in a lymph node. Undeterred, Lydia immediately embarked on an intensive chemotherapy procedure and underwent various scans to assess the extent of the disease. Thankfully, results showed no spread to bones or other organs, leading to a prompt decision by her oncologist to proceed with surgical removal.

Lydia’s recent operation revealed the presence of additional affected lymph nodes, highlighting the complexity of her battle. As she awaits the pathologist’s report, Lydia faces the challenge of navigating a state-imposed 18-month waiting list for radiation. 

Despite uncertainties, Lydia remains optimistic, relying on her determination, prayers, and belief in finding a solution. Her courage and positive spirit inspire those around her, and she continues to embrace each day with hope and determination in her fight against cancer.

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