About Diabetes.

Just as your car needs fuel in order to drive, your body cells need special fuel to provide energy for living, breathing, seeing and thinking. This fuel comes from the food we eat...

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Diabetes is recorded in history as a disease, with the first records of diabetes appearing as early as 1552 BC. Early treatments (as described by a French physician in the 1870s) linked the disease...

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Types of Diabetes.

Type 1 Diabetes (previously known as Insulin Dependent Diabetes, or Juvenile Diabetes) occurs when the pancreas produces very little insulin, or no insulin at all...

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Managing your health.

Food is important in keeping your body healthy – whether you have diabetes or not – however most people don’t pay much attention to their basic nutritional needs...

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Testing and monitoring.

It is important to know how your insulin doses and treatment plan are affecting your blood glucose levels so that you can adjust your plan when necessary...

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Living with blood glucose that stays over 8mmol/l for a prolonged period of time can cause serious damage to the body. High blood glucose levels over a sustained period of time...

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