Diabetic Health Control Programme.

We offer you life and disability cover. Let’s talk about a healthy lifestyle programme for Diabetics.

Health Control Programme.

AllLife cares about your health and wellbeing

Not only do we offer you life and disability cover, but have also devised a Health Control Programme for Diabetics. A key requirement for the Optimum Life and Disability policy is to commit and comply with AllLife’s Optimum Life Diabetic Control and Control Monitoring Policy.

AllLife’s definition of Diabetic Control is included with our Optimum Life policy documents and/or application form. Upon accepting this definition, and committing to regular (annual) monitoring in which AllLife will monitor results on your behalf, AllLife will link annual escalations to your control performance with rewards of up to minus (-) 4.5% on annual escalations with positive health control and a maximum of 7.5% escalation on poor health control results.

Further information to assist you with diabetic control can be found in the section – “About Diabetes.”

Understand more about Diabetes and how to live a happy, healthy life as a Diabetic.

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We all have questions.

Below are some of the answers to the most common questions that you need to know.

Which is worse – Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes?

“Worse” is a harsh comparison. The difference between these two types of Diabetes is that Type 1 requires insulin, and it never goes away. Type 2 requires consistent effort and can be managed over your lifetime.

What is the normal HbA1C level?

It is generally accepted that you should maintain HbA1C below 8%. The following guidelines are suggested by the South African Diabetes Association:


  • 4 – 6% Non-Diabetic range. 
  • < 7% Well-controlled Diabetic 7% – 8% Acceptable Diabetic control > 8% 
  • Poor Diabetic control needs attention.

What is the main cause of Diabetes?

Diabetes (Type 1) is usually a predisposed or genetically inherited condition. Diabetes (Type 2) is caused by lifestyle choices. Gestational Diabetes occurs in pregnant mothers.

What are the first signs of Diabetes?

  • Excessive thirst over a prolonged period.
  • Increased frequency in the need to urinate.
  • Significant weight loss or gain.
  • You find yourself fatigued, tired, and irritable, on a regular basis.
  • Open or ruptured wounds take a long time to heal.
  • Blurred vision.
  • Tingling sensations in your hands and feet.

Can you get life insurance if you have Diabetes?

Yes. AllLife can help you get up to R10million life insurance, when you are a Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetic.

Can I test myself for Diabetes?

Although you can easily test your own blood glucose levels at any time, only your doctor, nurse, or clinic team can confirm your diagnosis as Diabetic. A series of specific tests are required for diagnosis.

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