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Willem, a resilient individual in his 40s, faced a life-altering diagnosis of stage 4A, later corrected to 3A, colon cancer in 2019. Despite the challenges, he confronted the disease with unwavering determination. A loving husband to Ané and a proud father to his beautiful daughters, Amoré and Tinique, Willem underwent extensive treatment, including surgery to remove a substantial portion of his colon and the subsequent use of a colostomy bag.

His journey involved radiation and chemotherapy, demanding significant lifestyle adjustments. Willem embraced a healthier diet, focusing on portion control to manage life with a stoma. He found satisfaction in low-impact exercises, recognising the importance of weight management to prevent complications. Facing unpredictable moments due to his stoma, Willem reshaped his daily routine, shifting mealtimes and approaching life with humour, turning potential embarrassments into opportunities for laughter.

In both his personal and professional life, Willem advocated for openness and honesty about his condition. Communicating with colleagues, management, and clients, he gained invaluable support by promoting understanding and adaptability. His positive mindset and sense of  humour not only helped him navigate challenges but also created a supportive network of friends, family, and colleagues.

Willem’s journey led him to online support groups, such as the Stomata website and Instagram communities, where he shared experiences and gathered strength. His advice to those facing similar battles is a testament to the power of communication in both personal and professional spheres, echoing the importance of openness in fostering a balanced life amidst the trials of cancer.

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