Life insurance for people living with Diabetes.

Life cover when you need it.

Diabetics are often excluded from accessing life cover, or face long and difficult processes to get cover. At AllLife, we understand that you deserve to be looked after - that’s why we have devised innovative life cover, which is tailor-made for Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetics. With us you can get instant cover with one phone call. Cover starts immediately - a simple underwriting process is completed post-inception (usually consisting of common blood tests) to determine if full cover can be continued.

Life cover, you can get.

Our requirements are very broad: you need to be aged between 18-74, with total cholesterol under 8.5 mmol/L. Your BMI needs to be 44 or less and your HbA1c needs to be below 14%. The best part is that you can get instant cover with one phone call… and there is no waiting period.

Diabetes is covered.

We understand diabetes and know that heart attacks, strokes, kidney failure and other major diabetes risks are a real concern for people living with diabetes. That's why our life policy covers these, as well as other causes of death such as accidents and cancer.

Long-term Diabetes Support.

We don’t want our AllLife cover to be all you get when you call us. As part of our innovative product design, we incentivise you to manage your diabetes by sending you reminders for tests. We monitor the results for you and premium escalations are linked to the long-term control of your diabetes. As an AllLife client, you become part of our family of patients living the healthiest life they can.

An added benefit is that as an AllLife client, you can use your life product
to qualify for home and business loans.

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Life Cover

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