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Looking for life cover for someone living with HIV
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Looking for affordable life insurance cover for HIV positive individuals?

Look no further than AllLife! No waiting periods. Affordable premiums

Individuals living with HIV are still able to lead a long and full life, provided that they adhere to the correct treatment programs and nutritional guidelines as outlined by a medical professional. AllLife now offers such individuals the opportunity to also prepare for the unforeseen (death or disabillity) through a range of different life insurance products.

A life insurance policy works as follows: An individual pays a monthly premium to an insurance company. In exchange for this monthly premium, the company then pays out a sum of money once the policy holder passes away, or in the event of permanent disability. The policy holder, or in the event of death, the beneficiaries (the individual(s) receiving the amount of money), is then able to use this money for commitments such as home loans, school fees and even food and electricity.

Life insurance policies for people living with HIV are usually classified into two main products, called term life insurance and whole life insurance. As the terms imply, term life is a policy taken out for a specific term, and will only pay out if the individual dies within the insured period of time (for example 10 years). Whole life insurance on the other hand, is a life insurance policy which will pay out in the event of death or permanent disability, for as long as the policy is current.

A life insurance policy is structured in a way to make up for some of the income that the deceased individual would have earned over a certain period of time, which means that the loved ones that are left behind, will still be able to meet their financial obligations. This will be different from one policy holder to the next - for that reason it is important to discuss your needs and requirements with a qualified AllLife consultant.

Invest in your family... Invest in an AllLife life insurance policy. It's the responsible thing to do

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